Performing Arts LOVE (LOVE = Lofoten and Vesterålen) is reaching out to performing arts professional based in Lofoten or Vesterålen, or those who have a connection to Lofoten or Vesterålen and work with performing arts on a professional level. Performing Arts LOVE was born during the pandemic and seeks to bring together the diverse field of performing arts professionals in the region, and to make the performing arts professionals in this region even more visible. The project is led by two professionals from the performing arts / art scene, who both work freelance and who together have more than 20 years of experience. Performing Arts LOVE is run on a voluntary basis, by people who are passionate about performing arts, Lofoten and Vesterålen. 


Our model is simple: the artist/institution can send us information about their work, what they work on at the moment, projects they work on, events they plan and the like, and then we share this in our channels. We are initially present on Instagram and Facebook, and in January 2022 we launched this website. The more artists who join, the more visible both we and the artists become. Performing Arts LOVE also offers various smart solutions such as a bulletin board that seeks to gather information about application deadlines and open calls in one place. We are working on building an overview of the infrastructure in Lofoten and Vesterålen so that the artists can more easily have an overview of what is available, and where. Similarly, we also work with an overview of which artists live in the region, so that institutions and other interested can get an overview of the wide and great expertise found here. We also offer support that is tailored to the individual artists, such as application writing support. 


In November we invited the performing arts filed in the region to our first physical meeting in collaboration with Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær, Lofoten. This marked a very important stage in your work and process, and our goal is to facilitate for 4 physical meetings during the year. 



Project management and visual design  

Thomas Voll (1988) is a dancer and choreographer, and trained at The School for New Dance in Oslo. After graduation in 2010, he started a freelance career and have created and performed a big number of performances with his company Thomas of Norway. Thomas is based in Hadsel in Vesterålen, and beside his artistic practice, he is board member of Forum for Nordnorske Dansekunstnere (2021-2022) and Davvi - Center for performing arts (2022-2023). 

Photo: Øystein Voll



Producer and writer

Øystein Voll (1973) holds an MA in art history from UiO (Oslo) and NTNU (Trondheim, 2009). Øystein have several years of touring experience from Den kulturelle skolesekken and the Norwegian National Museum of Art, the art museum NordTrøndelag, NNKS and Lofoten International Art Festival. He is an author and a writer, and focuses mostly on exhibition texts and artist portraits. As a writer, Øystein is currently writing for magazines like hakapik.no and Se Kunst Magazine. 

Photo: Thomas Voll


In the north we have long and dark winters, and mild and breezy summers. All seasons are full of colors, even the darkest ones! Our visual profile is inspired by the colors of the north. During the year, you might experience that our color scheme will change on this website inspired by the season.